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3 little Happiness


3 good things that has been proposed in the United States is Exercise that only record three good things.Negative thinking is improved by continuing for one week , the effect to brighten up the feeling has been proven .3 little Happiness is cheer you up to " 3 good things " comfortably and so continued long![Find good things]
Let's remember good things and record it!* Having been glad.* Having been fun.* Having felt calm.* Having been relieved.
* Simple and easy-to-understand !Simple screen that you look at it immediately operation is known. Because it does not also comes with extra features , you can use with ease .
* Write forget prevention ! Notification functionSince the announcement in the notification to the specified time every day , you do not forget to write .
* You can save photosIt is possible to save two photos each day , when looking back at a later time , you remember more clearly " good things."Also it can be used as a simple diary and attach a photo .
* Random function that can look back on good thingsWhen a feeling is sunk and was tired, you can look back on a past good things, and let's regain spirit!
* Password lockIf locking, no one can watch but you the contents.
* Tweet good thingsYou can tweet good things just by tapping. (Need a Twitter Account)
[System Requirement]Android 4.0 and above.